Source download

You can download the source on VBA's homepage.
This is the original source without link - you have to download the changed files!!!
Changed files:
All changed files (zip 62097 bytes)
All changed files (tar.bz2 50489 bytes)
All changed files (zip 92786 bytes)
All changed files (tar.bz2 69723 bytes)
All changed files (7z 65947 bytes)
All changed files (tar.gz 86072 bytes)
All changed files (tar.bz2 72323 bytes)
All changed files (tar.gz 90682 bytes)

How to compile

First thing. Most of you don't need this. Just download the executable file.

It's easy enough. Just replace GBA.cpp in the src directory, Win32.cpp and Reg.cpp in the src/Win32 directory, and add Link.cpp and Link.h to the project. If you have version 1.6a, it should compile without any errors (at least it did in VC++ 6).
There's one parameter, LINKLOG, if you #define it in Link.h, the emulator will produce a vbalog.txt file with a log of the transfer.

Replace GBA.cpp in src, MainWnd.cpp, MainWndfile.cpp, MainWndOptions.cpp, Reg.cpp, VBA.cpp, resource.h and VBA.rc in src\win32. Add Link.cpp, Link.h, LinkMenu.cpp and LinkMenu.h to the project. The main.cpp is the server, compile it separately.

1.7.2LSE beta & 1.7.3
Unzip to your VBA folder, select yes overwrite, and you should be set.